👋 Hello there, I m Rahul'
" Be simple & Be creative "
"I fail, but I try agian !"

Feels great to call something my own, which I just build right from scratch, right from zero :)

"Mathematics is my bff, always there to help !"

Always learning around, by experimenting things, as experiments are fun and sometimes addictive !

Try to simlifiy puzzles or to find some kind of pattern in it..!!

"I love to play games, every game act like a Human Learning model"

The best part of every development, you can see what it looks like !!

You can able to custamize it, like magic !

" I Hack for fun !"

The fun part of every development, Just like your first game, only if you love playing !

Need to solve the puzzles somehow, dig every corner you can think of !

Bug Hunter

Hacking is fun and challenging, finding security bugs makes product more secure

Breaking the rules, to help fix the security issues..!!